Don’t Speak

Ah Ms Banks, you really ought to check the filmography of those whose careers before you decide to besmirch the name of a director, especially a white, Jewish, industry heavyweight like Spielberg. There has been in Hollywood over the past couple of years a real push for more prominent roles for women and any race that isn't white. That this is a thing in a country where a black man can start his own self-sustaining film industry - Tyler Perry - or a woman can, as far back as the sixties - Lucille Ball - run a television studio, is a little odd to a black person looking on from the United Kingdom as the U. S. was always the place to look for any sort cultural and ‘people like us’ references.

Me See, Me Do.

More and more I am thinking that I am going have to write the next episode of my sitcom, even as I contemplate - see procrastinate - making the first episode. It is probably another way to avoid tackling making said episode. More procrastination. I know I'm going to make the first episode, so I should just get on and do it. Yes. I'll get to it. Instead of outlining the next episode or fashioning some pithy prose to persuade people to join me on my project - crew recruiting - I am having a cinema day.

And Some Wine For The Ladies.

With only two days to go until Wonder Woman hits the cinemas, it is a good time to reflect on the paucity of heroine roles in cinema. Whereas on the small screen there are an ever increasing number of strong female characters, from the kick-ass to the cerebral to the Machiavellian, on the big screen female characters continue to support their male leads.