Don’t Speak

Ah Ms Banks, you really ought to check the filmography of those whose careers before you decide to besmirch the name of a director, especially a white, Jewish, industry heavyweight like Spielberg. There has been in Hollywood over the past couple of years a real push for more prominent roles for women and any race that isn't white. That this is a thing in a country where a black man can start his own self-sustaining film industry - Tyler Perry - or a woman can, as far back as the sixties - Lucille Ball - run a television studio, is a little odd to a black person looking on from the United Kingdom as the U. S. was always the place to look for any sort cultural and ‘people like us’ references.

Must try to get here more often….

Hi occasional perusers of my witterings, I am thinking that I need to get back to my blogging ways, if for no other reason only than to empty my head! Though this will not be the soul searching kind of blatherings of my youth, I will no doubt whine, gripe, grumble, pontificate and babble about…