Little England, Costumed England.

Maybe it is because of the vast history, imperialism, the class system or all of the above, here in Blighty, in both film an television, there is a nostalgic longing for stories of the past. The national broadcaster, the BBC, mostly showcase the coming seasonal output by featuring some extravagant costume drama, featuring rose-cheeked ladies and upper middle class gentlemen, generally with some love lorn central characters and a ne'er do well, male or female, wanting to be accepted by the affluent classes, yet not wanting to compromise their ideals and remaining true to their roots.

The Emperor Is Still Naked

In this information age, with so many of us having access to the world's biggest library, the internet, it is a foible of the human condition that even as society advances in medicine, nutrition, lifestyle, as technology improves at such a rate that it is nigh on impossible to keep track and as information and news is more available and accessible, nothing changes that much.

Critically Speaking

In my opinion....what should have happened....I don't think he should have....why didn't they do....and other challenging phrases, can be seen or heard from armchair critics everywhere. Criticism is, in our hyper-connected world, an enthusiastic pastime of many a keyboard warrior.

You’ve Got To Write, Right?

The quest for an optimal writing approach is never ending. It seems no two writers have the same approach, though it is to be noted that the most successful ones tend to be quite prolific. As an artistic pursuit, it is, by its very nature, a mercurial process. I think one has to be very disciplined if deciding to be a writer.

Guerilla – just don’t

Just to be clear, this is not a fair review of this programme. It is not fair because I found the programme so awful, that I could only manage to get through one episode of six. I started watching the second episode but had to switch off after twenty minutes. So, to be clear, I did not enjoy it.

The Default Face

In the film 2009 The Invention Of Lying, Ricky Gervais puts forward a world, a society, where everybody tells the truth. In essence, everyone you encounter is exactly as they seem. Warts and all. Obviously this notion would be an impossibility in modern society. We generally go through life as a daily lie. Not harmful,…