Black There, Not Here

There are terms and phrases that immediately conjure up certain images; period drama, western, sitcom, road trip movie, rom-com, these are all terms and genres that are easily identifiable and which one can think of fare that falls into each category. Here in the United Kingdom, there is a rich history in film, television, theatre and music. In comedy, drama and serials, there has been a vast output of memorable films and television programmes. The likes of Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and even the comedy, Keeping Up Appearances, are worldwide successes. For such a small island and one that is somewhat set in its way, - more on that later - the United Kingdom manages to hold its own in the highly competitive visual media arena.

Let’s Go Again

A friend of mine, who has a film production company, but is predominately a director, called me yesterday. He is in New York getting ready to premiere the conclusion to his documentary, In The Land Of The Free, with its brilliant follow up, Cruel And Unusual - The Angola Three Story. I urge you to see it, utterly heart wrenching. Back to the call. He told he had read my script - I sent him a script for a sitcom - on the flight over and really liked it. I have a real ear for dialogue he told me. I thanked him, really grateful that he had found the time to read it. Not at all, he had really liked it. He then said I should make it. Really? Yes. It's easy. It's a sitcom so the locations will be easy, it's mostly set in one place. Um...okay...

Camera, Action…No Script?

There is an old adage that puts the perceived worth of a writer in film into perspective. It goes: the starlet was so stupid she slept with the writer to get the part. Boom boom! What a hoot. The writer, especially on large Hollywood productions is not held in high regard as say the director, producer, DP or even the composer. Writing is inexplicably regarded as less important than music.

Nothing But The Numbers

Just announced; a new film starring Susan Sarandon(70) and Cynthia Rothrock(60) is in the works. Sarandon plays a popular Democratic presidential nominee who is the target of an assassination attempt. Rothrock plays her security advisor. When Sarandon goes to stays at her country residence, Rothrock races to the residence when she realises there is a mole in the security team she has left her charge with.

How We See It.

Perception is a strange thing. Take two youngish men, both of whom have, let's say, taken advantage of their status and the attraction it brings and had affairs. So far, so normal. One of the men had an affair with a friend's ex - girlfriend, breaking the unwritten - but well known - rule of…