No Estoy Loco -review (Netflix)

  Carolina (Paz Bascuñán) is woken up on her thirty-eighth birthday by her husband, Fernando (Marcial Tagle) with breakfast in bed and the gift of a new car. He even buys her a couple of tickets for a cruise around the Greek Islands, though he does stipulate that he has bought them so as she could go away with a friend. Though she is appreciative of his attention, she finds his kindness a little strange. 

La Tribu – review (Netflix)

  Fidel (Paco León), an unpopular human resources manager for a large company, life falls apart when he is caught, on film, having an affair with a colleague as company workers protest about the recent layoffs he implemented. Unable to extricate himself from a sexual position, he and his conquest are removed by an ambulance crew through the office, much to the delight of disgruntled staff who film the embarrassed pair, the resulting video going viral on the internet. 

Super Lopez – review (Netflix)

The planet of Chitón is under the rule of a tyrannical dictator, General Skorba (Ferran Rañé) with a population of exactly 250 thousand. When Jan Chitón (Gonzalo de Castro) and his wife (Mireia Portas) have a child, they send him to Earth to escape the clutches of Skorba. Jan tells Skorba that when his son grows up, he will come back and free their people.

A Pesar De Todo – review (Netflix)

  Four sisters, Sara (Bianca Suarez), Lucia (Macarena Garcia), Sofia (Amaia Salamanca) and Claudia (Belén Cuesta) are brought together by the death of their mother, Carmen (Marisa Paredes). At the funeral, the sisters, who are all very different and whose lives have all taken very different paths, sees many male friends of their mother that they do not recognise.

Jefe -a review (Netflix)

César (Luis Callejo) is the hedonistic, egocentric, bullish boss of a falling company. Unwilling to let staff go during an industry downturn, his life goes to crap when, after a particularly raucous weekend, he goes to the company board meeting and is told that the company is in serious trouble and they have only a week to prevent the company from going under.

Mirage – a review (spoilers)

    Sticking with Netflix and watching films so that you may not have to, I sat down to watch Oriol Paulo’s Mirage, a Spanish thriller that blends time travel, murder, and parental angst into a compelling viewing experience.     It is 1989 and the biggest symbol of division in Germany, the Berlin Wall, is…