Call My Agent! (Dix Pour Cent) Netflix show – review

  Watched a new show, to me at least, on Netflix in keeping with my efforts to watch and review lesser known shows so that, perhaps, you do not have to. The show is a French serial, Dix Pour Cent, English title, Call My Agent!. A comedy-drama, it is the story of a Parisian talent agency, ASK, and the relationships of the agents with each other, their actors and life in general. 

Getting Back On The Horse…

I was, earlier in the year, writing a blog a day, posting every day - not here, I have a few blogs - but definitely posting consistently. A few things happened to derail my posting; laziness was one, I visited the cinema less frequently and I decided to make a film after an almost four-year…

Critically Speaking

In my opinion....what should have happened....I don't think he should have....why didn't they do....and other challenging phrases, can be seen or heard from armchair critics everywhere. Criticism is, in our hyper-connected world, an enthusiastic pastime of many a keyboard warrior.

Worthy Sequels

As an aspiring screenwriter, I, like may sometimes get caught up in the haughty conceit of thinking of film sequels as a tasteless, feeble and gratuitous attempts to elicit the hard earned from the film-going masses.