The Happytime Murders – review (Netflix)

Private investigator, Phil Philips (Bill Barretta-voice) works in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. He is a puppet. As in a Muppet puppet. Working out of an office in Chinatown, he turns up for work to be told by his assistant, Bubbles (Maya Rudolph) that he has a new client. In his office is Sandra White(Dorien Davies) the sexiest puppet he has seen in a while. She tells Phillips that she is being blackmailed and shows him the ransom note. 

Agatha and the Truth of Murder – review

Florence Nightingale Shore (Stacha Hicks) takes a train journey and is bludgeoned by a strange man after a brief conversation. She died four days later.      Desperate to get over her writer’s block, Agatha Christie (Ruth Bradley) goes to see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Michael McElhatton) whilst he is in the midst of a golf game. He tells her that to get over his own writer’s block, he designed a golf course.