The Darkness Should Come Later

The final X-Men film under Twentieth Century Fox films will be released early in June before the rights to the characters are absorbed into the MCU juggernaut. Simon Kinsberg gets a final chance to erase the debacle that was The Last Stand. Kinsberg wrote The Last Stand, with directing duties going to Brett Ratner. 

Mirage – a review (spoilers)

    Sticking with Netflix and watching films so that you may not have to, I sat down to watch Oriol Paulo’s Mirage, a Spanish thriller that blends time travel, murder, and parental angst into a compelling viewing experience.     It is 1989 and the biggest symbol of division in Germany, the Berlin Wall, is…

Memories Of A Film Shoot – The Good, The Bad And The Tennis

  It’s a week after the shoot and my film - The Good, The Bad And The Tennis - is in the home straight. It is about three years since my last film and the nerves preceding this shoot seemed to have helped enormously. Never have I planned so well for a shoot. Even though I knew the script and what I wanted to see - I did write it after all - having decided to use non-actors in all the roles, I knew I had to be able to get my ideas across clearly.

Worthy Sequels

As an aspiring screenwriter, I, like may sometimes get caught up in the haughty conceit of thinking of film sequels as a tasteless, feeble and gratuitous attempts to elicit the hard earned from the film-going masses.