And Some Wine For The Ladies.

With only two days to go until Wonder Woman hits the cinemas, it is a good time to reflect on the paucity of heroine roles in cinema. Whereas on the small screen there are an ever increasing number of strong female characters, from the kick-ass to the cerebral to the Machiavellian, on the big screen female characters continue to support their male leads.

Swayze’s Way

There is, in my opinion, no legislating for the human ego, especially when it comes to the cinematic arts. I could include the performing arts as well, but as stage productions are transient, they do not have the same ego massaging impact as more permanent fare. It is not only laziness and fear that drive the televisual and filmic want of rehash or remake content. It is the egotistical belief that they can improve upon the original or former version.

Let’s Go Again

A friend of mine, who has a film production company, but is predominately a director, called me yesterday. He is in New York getting ready to premiere the conclusion to his documentary, In The Land Of The Free, with its brilliant follow up, Cruel And Unusual - The Angola Three Story. I urge you to see it, utterly heart wrenching. Back to the call. He told he had read my script - I sent him a script for a sitcom - on the flight over and really liked it. I have a real ear for dialogue he told me. I thanked him, really grateful that he had found the time to read it. Not at all, he had really liked it. He then said I should make it. Really? Yes. It's easy. It's a sitcom so the locations will be easy, it's mostly set in one place. Um...okay...

I’m A Writer

It is getting to a point where my plan, frighteningly, is actually beginning to work. There is still some way to go and I have not quite gotten to the point of no return - I know myself, like exercise or a diet, there is always a chance it could abruptly...pause - but I am committed to the path, at least for now.

GOTG: Volume 2 – a review

Belatedly, I have gotten around to seeing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Though it has had good reviews, the most common detraction levelled at it has been that it's not as good as the first film. I feel this is an unfair criticism. The first film had two things going for it: one -…

Camera, Action…No Script?

There is an old adage that puts the perceived worth of a writer in film into perspective. It goes: the starlet was so stupid she slept with the writer to get the part. Boom boom! What a hoot. The writer, especially on large Hollywood productions is not held in high regard as say the director, producer, DP or even the composer. Writing is inexplicably regarded as less important than music.

Nothing But The Numbers

Just announced; a new film starring Susan Sarandon(70) and Cynthia Rothrock(60) is in the works. Sarandon plays a popular Democratic presidential nominee who is the target of an assassination attempt. Rothrock plays her security advisor. When Sarandon goes to stays at her country residence, Rothrock races to the residence when she realises there is a mole in the security team she has left her charge with.

I’ll Get To It

Procrastination takes many forms. There the obvious kind, doing any other unrelated task except the one you should be doing. Or the most common type, favoured by those who know deep down that their jobs are more title than actual, thus their days are filled with endless meetings and email checks. Then there is the worse kind of procrastination, where you fool yourself into believing you're moving forward, convincing yourself that you are doing the necessary things to achieve your goals. It is similar to the importantly titled procrastinator with one major difference. You have control over your degree of procrastination.

For The Feels

This is not meant as a discouraging article, though some may read it and be exactly that, discouraged. Don't be. This is simply the truth as I see it. As there is no absolute truth outside of perhaps mathematics, you can choose not to believe this. Of course, you would be wrong, because, though it may not be true in the concrete sense of mathematics, it is true. So you have been told.