Before I Die: 101 things to do – part two

Continuing my list of things's in the title. 8.) Ride in a hot air balloon It is a toss up between a hot air balloon or a helicopter. I went with the balloon because it would be vastly different experience  from a plane. I would still go in a helicopter though. 9.) Write and…

Holiday period insomnia.

Like most people, I enjoy the holidays. Not necessarily for the festivities, though they are nice, or even the presents - I am truly invested in the western aspects of a consumer society, i really don't need anymore stuff! What I like is the time off. Even though I have a fair bit of free…

WordPress Meet and Greet – All Bloggers Welcome

I cannot believe there are people who voted this down! Come on now….!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Well this is the third post I have done like this so far and I have seen some great connections. I’ll keep doing these off and on and I think they provide a great way for “active bloggers” to network. This post now has over 1,000 active bloggers waiting to connect in it. I encourage anyone looking for new blogs to view or people to converse with to browse through the comment section and network.

All bloggers are welcome to use this post as a “Self-Promotion” thread for their blog, projects, causes, writing, books, eBooks, food, fashion, or whatever you are into. You may post links, book covers, or whatever you like and feel free to revisit and leave a new comment as this thread will quickly fill up.

Hopefully some authors, photographers, painters, writers, and bloggers will take the opportunity to push their work. Please keep promotional comments on the…

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Before I die: 101 Things to do – part one

I was watching a video on YouTube on Xmas night. Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, was giving a talk - see it - here he makes a lot of interesting points, speaking positively, he encouraged the listening to follow their instincts and do that which they loved. Not the most original…

Rant, Bond Rant.

I do not watch Doctor Who. There are two reasons: 1.) As a child it scared the bejesus out of me and 2.) Idris Elba. With the recent Sony hacks that have hit the news,  the leaked emails and what not, one story that piqued my interest - the whole North Korean insult debacle is…


Back in the seventies, there was a television programme in the UK called The Black and White Minstrel Show. It would, as the title suggest, feature white entertainers in blackface make up, doing various singing and dancing things. A different time; different sensibilities. Such things are not seen on our screens anymore. The likes of…

The Cost

Never visiting the States. Sad.


Rilla Askew | 2014 | 21 minutes (5,065 words)


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When my godson Trey was a toddler growing up in Brooklyn, every white woman who saw him fell in love with him. He was a beautiful child, sweet natured, affectionate, with cocoa-colored skin and a thousand-watt smile. I remember sitting with him and his mom in a pizzeria one day, watching as he played peekaboo with two white ladies at a nearby booth. “What a little doll!” the ladies cooed. “Isn’t he adorable?”

I told Marilyn I dreaded the day he would run up against some white person’s prejudice. “His feelings are going to be hurt,” I said. “He won’t know it’s about this country’s race history, he’ll think it’s about him. Because so far in his young life every white person he’s ever met has adored him.” Marilyn nodded, but her closed…

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A bit of a trickle…..

So the campaign is up and running (check it out here) and the initial enthusiasm has faltered. Not for the project, that remains as resolute as ever, but for the whole crowdfunding kerfuffle. I want to make films. I like making films; the writing, the casting, pulling the crew together, directing actors, working out scenes,…

And now…..the wait!

My Indiegogo crowdfunding page for my next film 'Connected' is live!  I cannot change anything anymore. All I can do is promote it - like this - and pray. Just click the title below. 'Connected' Thank Q.